Top 10 Key capabilities of Dynamics 365 Field Service

The Dynamics 365 Field Service business solution enables organisations to provide onsite service to customer locations. The app integrates workflow automation, scheduling algorithms, and mobility to prepare mobile workers for success when they’re on the job solving issues for customers.

Industries such as manufacturing, utilities, health care, equipment maintenance etc, and many others benefit largely using dynamics 365 field service.

The Field Service application aids in the execution of the following:

  • Boost first-time fix rate.
  • Finish more support calls per technician per week.
  • Handle follow-up work and take advantage of upsell and cross sell opportunities.
  • Minimise transit time, mileage, and vehicle wear and tear.
  • Provide optimal solutions for customer issues.
  • Convey precise arrival time to customers.
  • Provide exact account and equipment history to the field technician.
  • Keep customers up to date on the progress of their service call and when it’s solved.
  • Plan onsite visits when it’s comfortable for the customer.
  • Eliminate equipment downtime through preventative maintenance.

Field service key capabilities are:

1.Work orders:

In Dynamics 365 Field Service, a work order includes information on the work that has to be done. It’s utilised to plan and organise resources and activities. It can be used for a variety of tasks, including installations, repairs, and general maintenance.

A work order is usually generated from a case or opportunity. It is then programmed either manually or using the schedule assistant. A manager reviews and approves the job once it is completed.

2.Scheduling and dispatch tools:

To manage customer service resources and equipment, visualise onsite schedules, and streamline service schedules through efficient routing and resource skill matching.

3.Communication tools:

To improve communication among customer service representatives, dispatchers, field technicians, customers, and other stakeholders.

4.Mobile app:

An efficient mobile app that helps technicians through schedule updates and maintenance work.

5.Asset Servicing:

Ability to keep track of customer equipment and service history.

6.Agreement and preventive maintenance:

Preventive maintenance is achieved by automatically generating regular maintenance appointments.

7.Inventory and purchasing:

Inventory, purchasing, and returns capabilities are available to effortlessly handle truck stock, purchase order requests, fulfilment, and product returns.

8.Inventory and purchasing:

Billing tools enable us to create bills depending on the products and services delivered to customers.

9.Time tracking:

To assist you in keeping track of how your resources spend their time, whether they’re commuting, taking a break, or working.

10.Analytics and insights:

Analytics for reporting on top performance indicators for managing work orders, planning activities, and working closely with the customers.

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