Real Estate And Property Management

A cost-effective CRM solution for real estate agencies, brokerages, developers, and property management companies is critical to facilitate smarter working and not just harder working.

Managing an effective and efficient sales process

Enable staff to manage the complete sales life cycle from lead generation through to contracts and lease offers smoothly and efficiently. Investment in an effective sales conversion tool will be the bedrock of a successful and growing business.

Customer Service

Giving users an intuitive solution to leverage best practices will ensure improved employee productivity, better data accuracy, and accelerated response times.

Real Estate

See how we can help you with:

Centralized all Project related documents like Project Brochure, Payment Plans, Site Layout and Floor Plans

Record, tracks and analyzes client’s requests

Easily access detailed information on all properties

Easily match property listings to requests

Streamline application processing and proposal generation

Payment tracking

Track and manage Commission and Brokers

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