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Constant improvements and bug fixes are one of the defining features of Microsoft cloud products. These are minor adjustments. However, wave releases are scheduled twice a year, giving us a significant boost in functionality. Wave 1 2022 was announced in January, and its feature set spans from April to September 2022. As you might expect, there is some crossover between Wave 1 and Wave 2 releases.

These implementations allow for sufficient time to learn latest features, assess business impact, and potentially involve development teams to help in adjusting to new updates. That is what CRM Online team is here for: to assist you in making the most of your Dynamics 365 system and to keep an eye out for features that may benefit you and your business.

This release places a strong emphasis on collaboration and integration. With remote work becoming more common, Microsoft Teams has emerged as the perfect tool for chat, audio, and video communications. These updates bring Dynamics 365 and Teams closer together. Let’s get started.

You can easily edit a Dynamics 365 record within a Microsoft Teams conversation.

Collaborative effort on Dynamics 365 records has never been simpler. Users can now customise records straight from a Teams conversation using cards. It’s as simple as this: you’re working on an opportunity with a colleague. They have some critical information that needs to be recorded. To make things easier, you send them a Dynamics 365 record card, which you and your colleague can view without leaving the Teams interface. A new button in the chat window allows you to search for Dynamics 365 records from within the Teams interface. Furthermore, if you already have the record open in Dynamics 365, copying and pasting the record link turns it into an interactive card.

Editing record columns and changing the state of the record are added abilities. Custom columns and business rules are also backed, ensuring that the information presented is adapted to the specific needs of your organisation. The Quick Find View of the table is the default card display. This outlook can be personalised to show only the columns that are most appropriate to your users. Once the information has been changed, click the refresh button on the card to see the updated information. Furthermore, without switching contexts, notes or tasks can be added directly to a record’s timeline. 

Only those with the necessary security permissions have write access, thanks to access control. The existing Dynamics 365 security model that you’ve set up is retained. This feature is a significant productivity boost for sales teams everywhere!

Increase seller productivity by integrating Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams meetings.

We talked about how to incorporate Dynamics 365 records into conversations with coworkers earlier. But what about when the Teams meet? If you’ve ever worked in sales, you know what it’s like to run a meeting while also sharing a PowerPoint deck and taking notes in OneNote. This second piece of functionality is intended to simplify the process. The sales team can bring contextualised sales data from Dynamics 365 into the meeting. You can also schedule and join Teams meetings directly from Dynamics 365. This is natively available through the new Teams integration feature.

Conversation Intelligence is used in conjunction with this. For those with a Sales Enterprise or Sales Premium licence, customer conversations are monitored, and the system identifies action items. Furthermore, during the meeting, the system evaluates the conversation and displays business insights. The goal is for you, the seller, to be able to focus on what is actually happening in the discussion.

Utilise Microsoft Teams chat in Sales Hub.

We’ve talked a lot about integrating Dynamics 365 into Teams. But what about the other way around? Dynamics 365 users can now initiate Teams chat conversations from within Sales Hub. Fresh chats can be initiated and linked to a specific recordĀ  or existing chats can be connected. This allows you to combine all of the advantages of Teams with the layer of organisation provided by Dynamics 365. When you open a record, the Teams chats window automatically displays conversations that you have linked to the record or that someone else has linked to you as a chat participant. In addition, the Other chats window displays the top 200 chats related to records in Dynamics 365. This complete Teams chat experience includes message importance, emojis, GIFs, and a rich-text editor. Multiple chat windows can be open at the same time, and the chat window stays open as you navigate through Dynamics 365.

As you can see, Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 are becoming more integrated. This has far-reaching implications for productivity and collaboration throughout your organisation. Other exciting features included in the Wave 1 release include built-in Conversation Intelligence insights.

We hope to cover more of these features in future blog posts. In the meantime, CRM Online is here to answer your questions and assist you in optimising your Sales team for success by utilising the latest features in Dynamics 365.

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