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CRM Onilne is a leading provider of best CRM tools used in the UK. We provide bespoke business software tailored for the client to simplify sales, marketing and support

How CRM/ERP Can Help You

Every business aspires to grow, work smarter, and make more money – with a CRM/ERP business management solution and a modern digital strategy delivered in the right way we will help you achieve just that!

We look at and analyse the six most expressed concerns our clients give us for wanting a modern business management system that works within their business. Some of our clients are new to CRM/ERP, others already have a system that either underperforms or doesn’t work at all. Because of this, we also explore some of the deeper implications of the headline concerns.

We help new users to design and build a system to meet their requirements and to get it right first time. If you have a system that isn’t doing what you want, don’t just put up with this, contact us and we will advise you on the best way to get it working properly as quickly as possible and at minimal additional cost.

Get More Returns With Less Work

Without any doubt whatsoever, the typical overworked and over pressurised business owner or Chief Executive tells us that they are constantly overpowered and bamboozled by page after page of jargon and technical specifications and even unsubstantiated promises. When we get down to it, the conversation reveals a consistent mantra: the business needs to perform better, but can’t absorb any more internal workload.

Create More Profits

When clients tell us that they want to make more profit, they either speak with a slightly embarrassed smile, or they proclaim this message with an aura of firm authority. We don’t mind either approach. As in life outside the business, it’s what you do, not what you say, that counts. Meetings, deliberations, decisions of themselves will not make more profit. Actions are what make a difference. Our approach to CRM/ERP integrates and coordinates actions, across the whole business that make and maximise the difference for you.

Develop Power Teams To Grow Your Business

There are very few business owners or managers, who fail to at least mention the importance of teamwork.

Nonetheless, companies we talk to, necessarily, find themselves having to talk with most conviction about the individual functional teams, for example Sales, Marketing, Production or Operations, Finance, HR, R&D.

Very few express complete satisfaction with the way all the various teams pull together for the overall good.

Even in the best of cases, we find confusion and uncertainty about the relevance of another departments KPIs to all the other departmental teams and the business as a whole. Our CRM/ERP system will play a major part in achieving this otherwise elusive step change in coordination.

Make It Easier For Clients To Buy From You

There can’t be many of us who have not been in a meeting, either as a buyer or a seller, only to discover that the other party has been on the same sales training course as ourselves; it’s at best embarrassing, always disconcerting, potentially disastrous.

Then again all of us will suffer, or work with someone who suffers, from a phobia of the selling situation or process.

Here again, in both cases, our CRM/ERP systems are invaluable in avoiding the pressures to make a sale, or the pressures imposed by a supplier trying to sell to us.
Our CRM/ERP systems present situation-dependent solutions to your clients and customers that will make it easy and obvious thing for them to buy from you.
Similarly, your people responsible for purchasing on your behalf will be able to assess accurately the relevance and value of any deal offered to you.

Instant Reporting For Faster Decisions

It would be quite wrong and grossly irresponsible to imply or suggest that we have all the answers, or even that we can help you to get all the right answers for yourself. It just isn’t so.

In the real world, we have to make, often critical, decisions quickly in the full knowledge that we have at best incomplete information. Sometimes we even have to decide not to make a decision, but to wait and see.

However, there is a world of difference between making a decision influenced by the information we have and rely upon and making a decision without any trust in the information we are presented with.

What we can provide you with is a system to give you instant access to predefined reports and also the tools to allow you to generate quick, relevant, ad hoc reports whilst you are in the throes of a live situation.

Increase The Value Of Your Business

We work with businesses that have momentum in their own market or niche and who have an ultimate exit aspiration by whatever route suits the purposes of the current owners. We have supported management buyouts (MBOs), trade sales, managed successions, preparations for flotation.

We are therefore committed to helping you increase the value of your business to work with you provide the documentary analysis to maximise that valuation.

You accept, as directors and managers of the business, that it is your responsibility to demonstrate the ultimate underlying value of your business. It is not possible to do this in a rush, in response to an unexpected demand, on top of your existing managerial duties.

There are only 168 hours in a week and you can’t work all of them so we work with you to optimise every hour to improve the business.

Our business systems can be designed to identify the key positive added value indicators that will show what your business is worth in a competitive marketplace.

Unlike the formulaic valuations, the maximum value indicators do not depend on sudden events, they build over time. The sooner you start, the sooner you will begin to add value. With a solid, tried, proven system in place, we can also assist you in the analysis of historical data to further reinforce your current and future valuation.

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