CRM Online Client Doubles Turnover Thanks to Our Business Solutions

One of CRM Online’s clients is working even smarter and has doubled its turnover after installing our powerful new technology tools designed to help with Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Virtus Consult, a leading UK based boutique construction and management consultancy firm offering tailored solutions to clients investing in construction, property and infrastructure, identified that they needed to increase their investment in CRM tools and strategies to manage their growth and give their clients exceptional support and service.

They sought help initially to develop a stronger sales strategy from our experts at CRM Online, who offer down-to-earth business advice and technology solutions to companies looking for fast and profitable growth. Now Virtus Consult is being even more effective at identifying, winning and retaining profitable clients.

‘We realised that to remain competitive and grow we needed to attract more clients to take advantage of our independent and objective advice service,’ said Jan Ponsford, Virtus Consult Director.


CRM Online offers a unique mix of technology and business consultancy to growing businesses. We implement and deliver practical, affordable and powerful business solutions that will help businesses grow, work smarter and remain profitable and competitive when times are challenging.

Peter Sidhu, Managing Director of CRM Online said: ‘We quickly recognised that Virtus Consult needed an efficient and simple to use CRM solution to help them improve their productivity and allow their sales executives to spend more time in-front of clients and prospects nurturing stronger client relationships and more business.

‘We incorporated Virtus Consult’s unique vision into their software selection and processes and offered them a low cost low risk CRM option that allowed them to start using CRM quickly.’

CRM allows everyone within a company to work off a single prospect and client database, so that everyone can work more effectively as a team to win more business and make it easier for clients to do business with you.

The application was hosted in a secure datacentre externally and all that was required was a good broadband Internet access to use the application from anywhere and anytime.

Jan added: ‘We strive to exceed our client’s expectations and believe that successful client relationships are driven by mutual respect. CRM Online has done an excellent job integrating CRM into our processes, helping us to maintain and improve upon our high standards.’

Virtus Consult is among many major companies and organisations across the world in areas such as Banking, Wealth and Brokerage Management, Manufacturing, Property Services, IT Consulting & Support, Telecommunications, and charities that use our award-winning CRM solutions.

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