Streamlining Payment Solutions: A Success Story with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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CRM Online played a pivotal role in transforming the operations of a prominent payment solutions provider grappling with issues of disjointed systems and manual processes. The integration of Microsoft Dynamics D365 proved instrumental in streamlining their workflows, promoting seamless collaboration among teams, and establishing a unified platform for marketing, sales, and finance.

The result was a significant boost in operational efficiency, informed decision-making, and the successful modernisation and integration of their systems.

Our Client

A leading payment solutions provider serving large enterprises recognized several areas requiring enhancement in their operational processes. These challenges included system disconnections, manual operations, reliance on outdated technologies, and the absence of integration with their core accounting and billing systems.

Consequently, their processes experienced suboptimal speed, and the lack of robust reporting posed a substantial obstacle, adversely affecting overall operational efficiency.

Primary Objectives to Achieve

Deploying a unified solution to streamline and optimise the end-to-end Lead to Cash process ensuring a seamless and efficient flow within the business workflow
Creating a comprehensive 360-degree view to establish a single version of the truth ensures accurate and consistent data across all departments, thereby enhancing data integrity and reliability.
Equipping various teams, including Marketing, Sales, Operations, Support & Contract Management, Subscription Billing, and Finance, with productivity tools to foster enhanced efficiency and collaboration within the organisation

The result was a significant boost in operational efficiency, informed decision-making, and the successful modernisation and integration of their systems.

Key Issues Faced by Our Client

System Disconnections

The presence of disjointed systems lead to communication gaps and inefficiencies.

Manual Operations

Reliance on manual processes that were susceptible to errors and required improvements for increased efficiency.

Technological Obsolescence

The use of outdated technologies hindered the organisation’s ability to keep pace with modern industry standards.

Integration Gaps with the Accounting System

Absence of seamless integration with the core accounting and billing system, lead to data silos and operational inefficiencies

Reporting Challenges

Difficulties in generating accurate and timely reports posed a significant obstacle to effective decision-making.


To tackle these challenges, we guided our client through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics D365. The primary goals included:

Account and Contact Management

  • Configurations tailored for various account types.
  • Customised views to enable the sales team to access information related to contracts, renewals due, and support issues.

Effective Sales Management

  • Implementation of lead management, scoring, and mailing preferences for enhanced customer relationship management.
  • Streamlined quotation generation process with milestone tracking linked to invoicing for improved sales efficiency

Comprehensive Contract Management

  • Implementation of diverse contract types and validity criteria for comprehensive contract management.
  • Integration of reminders to alert stakeholders about impending contract expirations and entitlement consumption.

Unified Support Case Integration

  • Seamless integration between case management, support cases, and opportunities to ensure a unified view and streamlined processes.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction Strategies

  • Implementation of a Customer Satisfaction Survey using Microsoft Forms Pro to gather valuable feedback and insights

Strategic Marketing Implementation

  • Implementation of D365 for Marketing to facilitate comprehensive campaign orchestration for enhanced marketing strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Connectivity

  • Utilisation of the connector framework for synchronisation of sales orders.
  • Development of data sync maps and logic to achieve a 360-degree view of customers.
  • Creation of CRM contracts from Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Implementation of the CRM Connector Framework and associated logics.
  • Deployment of a scheduler for data synchronisation between systems.
  • Establishment of field mappings and business logic for contract creation within CRM

Secure Customer Portal Development

  • Training provided for creating and publishing knowledge base articles for effective customer support.
  • Configuration of web forms and establishment of a review and approval process for streamlined operations.
  • Implementation of role-based access controls to ensure secure and personalised interactions.
  • Integration of support case and order tracking functionalities within the customer portal for efficient management and resolution


The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics D365 significantly streamlined the lead-to-cash process, fostering improved team collaboration and heightened productivity. Operating on a unified platform, the organisation now integrates functions across marketing, sales, operations, support, contract management, subscription billing, and finance.

This integrated solution provides a 360-degree view, enhancing decision-making and overall organisational efficiency.


The successful deployment of Microsoft Dynamics D365 has proven transformative for the payment solutions provider, effectively overcoming operational challenges and delivering a holistic solution for their business processes. The organisation now operates on a modern, integrated system that not only addresses their initial pain points but also fosters collaboration and efficiency across diverse departments. Improved efficiency and productivity of course lead to improved customer experience and business growth.

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