About Us

Who we are

We are an international team of Client Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Performance experts who deliver down-to-earth business consultancy and implementation of joined-up business performance tools to companies who are passionate about fast and profitable growth as we are.

We promote a fresh look at where your business is now, where you would like it to be, and how best to achieve that through the use of innovative and affordable technologies and business strategies.
Our unique approach builds on the needs of business owners and CEOs for a common sense approach to running and growing a profitable business that will give them a competitive edge.

What you will find is that we don’t talk jargon – what we offer is no-nonsense practical business advice and technology solutions to help you realise your vision for your company.

Our approach will:

• Help your Sales, Marketing, Service and Delivery teams to work smarter and not just harder

• Break down the barriers within your teams so they are motivated to work more efficiently and effectively together to deliver exceptional customer service

• Make use of technology and processes that increase sales and reduce operational costs to constantly improve the organisation’s profitability

• Systemise your business so that it can run smoothly without every day panics, and allow more time for senior management to work on the business rather than in it

• Provide instant reports and information to allow everyone in the organisation to make quick and informed decisions

• Always strive to deliver an environment that encourages and makes it easier for your clients to keep coming back to you to do even more business

Our Culture

What really makes us different and fun to work with is the culture every individual strives to encourage within our organisation:

I give myself and everything I commit to 100% until I succeed. I am committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture and success of CRM Online, its current and future team, and its clients at all times.


I am truly responsible for my actions and outcomes and own everything that takes place in my work and my life. I am accountable for my results and I know that for things to change, first I must change.


I always speak the truth. What I promise is what I deliver. I only ever make agreements with myself and others that I am willing and intend to keep. I communicate potential broken agreements at the first opportunity and I clear up all broken agreements immediately.


Good enough isn’t. I always deliver products and services of exceptional quality that add value to all involved for the long term. I look for ways to do more with less and stay on a path of constant and never ending improvement and innovation.


I speak positively of my fellow team members, my clients and CRM Online in both public and private. I speak with good purpose using empowering and positive conversation. I never use or listen to sarcasm or gossip. I acknowledge what is being said as true for the speaker at that moment and I take responsibility for responses to my communication. I always apologize for any upsets first and then look for a solution. I only ever discuss concerns in private with the person involved.


I totally focus my thoughts, energy and attention on the successful outcome of whatever I am doing. I am willing to win and allow others to win: Win/Win. At all times, I display my inner pride, prosperity, competence and personal confidence. I am a successful person.


I learn from my mistakes. I consistently learn, grow and master so that I can help my fellow team members and clients learn, grow and master too. I am an educator and allow my clients to make their own intelligent decisions about their future remembering that it is their future. I impart practical and useable knowledge rather than just theory.

Team Work

I am a team player and team leader. I do whatever it takes to stay together and achieve team goals. I focus on co-operation and always come to a resolution, not a compromise. I am flexible in my work and able to change if what I’m doing is not working. I ask for help when I need it and I am compassionate to others who ask me.


I have a balanced approach to life, remembering that my spiritual, social, physical and family aspects are just as important as my financial and intellectual. I complete my work and my most important tasks first, so I can have quality time to myself, with my family and also to renew.


I view my life as a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated and I create an atmosphere of fun and happiness so all around me enjoy it as well.


I always look to the system for a solution. If a challenge arises I use a system correction before I look for a people correction. I use a system solution in my innovation rather than a people solution. I follow the system exactly until a new system is introduced. I suggest system improvements at my first opportunity.


I am consistent in my actions so my clients and teammates can feel comfortable in dealing with me at all times. I am disciplined in my work so my results, growth and success are consistent.

“I found the CRM a very good implementation – it does exactly what it says on the tin. It also helped that the CRM-Online people took the time to understand our business and empathised with what we wanted. They did a really good job.” -Financial Services Customer